Using WebMatrix to Install mojoPortal from the Web Application Gallery

WebMatrix makes it easy to try and use applications from the Windows Web App Gallery on your local machine. This article will show you step by step with screen shots how to install mojoPortal from the Web App Gallery using WebMatrix.

1. Launch WebMatrix and choose "Site From Web Gallery"

WebMatrix site from gallery

2. Choose mojoPortal

choose mojoPortal in webmatrix

3.  Accept the license

accept the license

4. Set the database configuration. Tip the password for the database user must be at least 8 characters long, must contain at least one special character, at least one upper case character, at least one lower case character and at least one number. An example password that matches the criteria is $Secret123.

configure the database

5. The installation will begin

installation in progresss

6. Installation success, click OK

7.  mojoPortal opened in WebMatrix, click the Run button to launch mojoPortal

mojoportal open in WebMatrix

8. mojoPortal will detect from expected errors that there is no data in the database yet, so it will redirect to the /Setup/Default.aspx page to run the database scripts to create tables, stored procedures and default data.

mojoportal setup page

9.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a link to the site home page

home page link at bottom of setup page

10. Visit the home page, then you can sign in using and the password admin

mojoportal home page with default content

mojoPortal is very intuitive to use, but you can get up to speed more quickly if you checkout the documentation and training videos.

Last Updated 2010-07-25 by Joe Audette