mojoPortal is a labor of love developed by a small company and a single primary developer who cares deeply about his products and the people using them to run their web sites. What you can expect from me is that if you report a bug in our bug forum and I can reproduce the bug it will usually be fixed within hours or days at the most. We don't accumulate long lists of known bugs, we only accumulate lists of feature requests. So if you are a developer and can build a solution in Visual Studio, you can work from our svn trunk repository and often get bug fixes within hours of reporting them. If it is a serious bug impacting multiple sites I will make a new release with the fix right away, we are on a short release cycle as it is and I can't sleep well if I know some bug is causing a real big problem for someone's mojoPortal web site. If it is a limited issue only affecting a few customers I may offer to make an interim build that you can upgrade to to fix the problem. Anyone who monitors our bug forums knows we are very responsive to fix bugs.

People sometimes ask is there a list of known bugs, there really isn't, known bugs get fixed quickly, in the forums you can see any bugs reported since the previous release and if they are validated as bugs you can be sure they will be fixed in the next release. You may also track them to some degree if you follow svn commit notifications as we usually try to comment about fixed bugs in the svn commit comments. You can monitor svn commits from this page on CodePlex:

Aside from our track record of fixing bugs quickly, we also eat our own cooking, is always running the latest builds of mojoPortal software before we make a release as is I update these sites frequently with builds in between official releases as part of my effort to make sure bugs are found as much as possible before official releases.

If you are running big important web sites, you can and should test new builds and releases of mojoPortal on your own testing environment before upgrading your production sites. 

Last Updated 2010-06-17 by Joe Davis