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mojoRadGlue Menu Wrapper

mojoRadGlue Menu Wrapper is a .NET UserControl that wraps around the RadMenu control from Telerik and allows you to easily use RadMenu in mojoPortal. You would need to purchase the ASP.NET Ajax Controls package from Telerik to use this Menu Wrapper, it does not include any Telerik controls. Basically the mojoRadGlue Menu Wrapper is just the glue that can bind the Telerik RadMenu to the mojoPortal SiteMap and handle the role filtering for you. Source code is included so you can modify it if needed. It is not very complicated and a good developer could figure out how to make their own wrapper control to use RadMenu, but this may save you some time and purchasing our control is a good way to help support mojoPortal.

a screen shot of RadMenu used in mojoPortal with the mojoRadGlue Menu wrapper

Installation Instructions

The package includes only 2 files RadMenuWrapper.ascx and a ReadMe.txt file which has these installation instructions.

  1. Make sure you have the Telerik.Web.UI.dll in your /bin folder (purchased separately from Telerik)
  2. Create a folder directly under the root of your site like MyControls (or name the folder as you like but no spaces in the folder name)
  3. Copy the file RadMenuWrapper.ascx into the folder
  4. Declare the control at the top of the layout.master file of your mojoPortal skin like this:
    <%@ Register TagPrefix="glue" TagName="SiteMenu" Src="~/MyControls/RadMenuWrapper.ascx" %>
  5. Replace the <portal:SiteMenu control in your layout.master file with this:
    <glue:SiteMenu ID="Menu1" runat="server" Direction="Horizontal"></glue:SiteMenu>

Release History

  • version 1.0 released 2010-12-16