“A Solid CMS Option for .NET Shops” – Information Week

Easy Professional Websites

  • mojoPortal is a free open source web content management system for building & managing websites of all sizes.
  • Very user friendly, no knowledge of HTML required to create and edit content.
  • Easily create accessible, standards compliant, mobile friendly web pages & content right from your web browser.
  • Easy web design with Artisteer or CSS.
  • Free community support & paid professional support available.
mojoPortal is a tablet and smart phone friendly content management system

Save time and money on your next web development project by developing your custom functionality on top of mojoPortal. If you know how to make an ASP.NET UserControl then you already know how to make a simple custom feature.

  • Dozens of features built-in
  • Role Based Security
  • Content History & Role Controlled Workflow
  • Well organized, easy to read object oriented C# ASP.NET code.

Want to build on the mojoPortal platform? Check out our Developer Documentation to get started.