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HTML Validation

Following Web Standards has always been very important in mojoPortal content management system. For a long time we were using XHTML 1.1 Transitional DocType and we used the W3C Validator often to make sure we always validated. You can still use the Xhtml 1.1 DocType in your own skins and it should validate. If you find markup generated by the CMS that you believe is not valid XHTML 1.1 please report it as a bug and we will fix it, but be sure that it is something generated by mojoPortal and not something in your custom skin or in content coming from your database (i.e. content entered by users).

However, the Web moves rapidly and the tides are shifting under our feet. The W3C is dropping all efforts on moving forward with XHTML and concentrating its efforts on HTML 5. Everyone is headed in the HTML 5 direction, and being forward thinking in our development of mojoPortal, we decided as of version to change the DocType of our included skins that we ship with mojoPortal to HTML 5. The change was simple enough, we changed the top of the layout.master file in included skins from:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<html xmlns="" >


<!DOCTYPE html>

If you would rather use XHTML, you can easily customize your copy of any included skin and change it back.

However, HTML 5 is currently a draft not a standard, so while the W3C validator has some support for validating against the draft of HTML 5, we have to remember it is a draft not a standard and it may change before it becomes a standard. Given this situation, a rational person cannnot get too bent out of shape if they use HTML 5 DocType and a few small things do not not validate against the draft. One should look at the specific thing that does not validate and consider whether it is likely or at least possible to be valid in the final version (which may not be possible to determine in every case), and of course weigh the concern of validation against other concerns like how your site looks and works for real users.

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