Current Version: 2016-04-10
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DotNetPanel Application Pack for mojoPortal

Note: I am no longer creating DotNetPanel Application Packs for mojoPortal because DNP includes very tight integration with the Microsoft Web Application Gallery, which includes mojoPortal. The below information is kept for historical purposes only.

Note: DotNetPanel is now Open Source and known by the name WebsitePanel.

I have created a mojoPortal application pack for DotNetPanel (DNP). DNP is a great Windows based Hosting Control Panel and I use it for my hosting business.

This application pack will allow users of DNP to easily install mojoPortal without having to modify the config file or anything like that.

I will try to keep up with updates to the application pack as new mojoPortal versions are released.

You can download the DNP-mojoPortal-App-Pack from Select the "DotNetPanel Application Packs" directory and you will see mojoPortal app packs from release and up.

Joe Davis