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Project Team

Photo of Joe Audette

Joe Audette

Software Artist
Source Tree Solutions, LLC

I am the founder and primary developer of the mojoPortal project, I've been working on it since mid 2004 and it is truly a labor of love for me. In October 2006 I started my own business, Source Tree Solutions and have been happily working full time on mojoPortal and related products since then. You can read more about my adventure in the History of mojoPortal.

I am also a guitarist and vocalist living in Charlotte, NC, you can learn more about me and my music on, and though I don't tweet often, I do tweet occasionally about mojoPortal related things so please follow me on Twitter.


Photo of Joe Davis

Joe Davis

Community Manager

President, i7MEDIA

Joe Davis is one of the nicest, most helpful people I've ever met. His contributions in the community have established him as a true mojoPortal expert. Time and time again he has come up with creative solutions to help people achieve their goals using mojoPortal. Chances are if you've ever posted a question in our forums Joe Davis has helped you. His company, i7MEDIA, provides high quality hosting, design, development and other support and services specializing in mojoPortal. Joe is our Community Manager, contributes regularly to the mojoPortal core and is also on our Documentation Team.

You can learn more about Joe by visiting his personal site/blog.


Photo of Jamie Eubanks

Jamie Eubanks

Systems Analyst
City of Escondido, CA

Jamie is a Systems Analyst for the City of Escondido, California, where he was instrumental in implementing the city's website using mojoPortal. Jamie is an active member of the community, helping many people with their questions in the forums. He joined the Documentation Team in November 2010 and in that role he has written several docs and keeps others up-to-date.


Photo of Kerry Doan

Kerry Doan

Software Test Engineer

Kerry Doan (web site) is a Sotware Test Engineer. His contributions to mojoPortal include developing the Audio and Video Player features, as well as help with documentation, testing, and providing help in our forums.


Other Contributors

Photo of Asad Samarian

Asad Samarian

Persian Community Organizer

Samar Software Solutions

Asad is a long time community member and also manages our Persian Language Community and maintains documentation in Persian, has also become more and more helpful in our English forums over the years as his English has improved.


Steve Land of Strong Eye Solutions has helped with documentation on this site.

Stuart James has helped with documentation for the Image Gallery

Translation Team

If you would like to help with translation please post on this forum thread. We are especially interested in help with new languages not listed here, but also with languages listed here as having no-one for the current translators, as these are translations that are not actively maintained currently.

Language Current Translators Past Translators
Arabic Ahmed Ali
Sameer Alomari
Chinese - Traditional no-one Benedict Chan
Alex Ho
Croatian no-one Slaven Brumec
Czech Václav Keďánek Kestler  
Danish no-one Christian Anderson
Kurt Greve

Patrick Molijn
Rokus Kloster

Bouke Bisschop
Faroese no-one Torkil Olsen
French Yves Jadin Thomas Nicolaïdès
French Canadian Benoît Houle  
German Jan Aengenvoort  
Greek Costas Zividis George Birbilis
Italian Diego Mora Lorenzo Battistini
Riccardo Orlandi
Walter Ferrari
Sami Ismail Hassan
Japanese no-one Suzuki Teku
Norwegian Steinar Aasheim Petter Cook
Persian Asad Samarian
Sadegh Samarian
Polish Maciej Lapkiewicz Przemyslaw Luniewski
Portuguese (Brazil) Fabio Mastaler Francisco Rodrigues Santos
Marco Andrei
Russian Vladimir Zakharov aka Bob Alexander aka SkySandy
Alexander Yushchenko
Slovak Marian Vlcak  
Slovenian no-one Tomaz Kosmina
Spanish German Barbosa
Jose Francisco Ibarra
Manuel de la Pena
Matia Molleja
Spanish -MX no-one Carlos Kassab
Swedish Pär Rohlin  
Turkish Erhan Unsal Cenk Kumas
Haluk Eryuksel


Other Contributors

Alex Ho - zh-Hant translation and improvements to ResourceHelper.cs

Alexander Orlov

Alexander Yushchenko - QA Testing, re-factoring patches, Russian Translation updates.

Andrew Boyce - help with user documentation

Bo Rey

Christian Fred - Poll Feature, work on e-commerce, other misc

Christopher Bergström

Damien White - patch to add Home crumb to breadcrums control.

David Welford-Costelloe

Dean Brettle  Dean Brettle - was a significant contributor in the early years of the mojoPortal project. He helped in a variety of areas but most importantly he developed NeatUpload which is the upload component we use in mojoPortal as well as NeatHtml which is used to protect against cross site scripting in untrusted content.

Ермоленко А.С. (also known as Alexander or SkySandy in the forums) bug reports and fixes, updates to Russian resources files.

Eric Hutchinson - bug fix and enhancements to Shared Files feature

Greg Pearson - patches for webstore

Jan Hussaarts

Jasmin Savard - design work and skins.

Jesse Englert - bug fixes

Joseph Hill currently of Novell and the Mono Project was an active contributor in the early days of the mojoPortal project. He developed the initial data layer for PostgreSQL and contributed code that became the basis for the RSS Feed Aggregator Module. Later he also contributed an initial implementation of the DataLayer for SQLite.

Kevin Needham - Initial implementation of Content Workflow

Michael Sommer

Petr Antos

Petr Kures - Improvements to MSSQL data layer

Philip Geer

Rob Henry - Survey Feature

Sami Ismail Hassan - dcarter-bluedesert skin, updates to Italian resource files, minor WebStore enhancements

Steve Railsback - some CSS and image work for administration menus.

TJ Fontaine - initial Active Directory implementation

Vinicius Moriconi Pacheco - improvements to pgsql data layer

Vladimir V Davydov