Online Demos

The latest demo of mojoPortal is at
This demo includes all the free features included in mojoPortal plus the add on products available in our store.
You will have full administrative access but a few things are locked down to protect the demo server.  

Please be aware that others may be trying out the demo site at the same time as you, do not change the administrator password and do not delete the demo pages for our add on products, but other than that feel free to create or edit pages and content on the demo site to try out the features of mojoPortal.

Periodically the site is set back to default data.

You can login to the demo site using and password admin

Demo Videos (Adobe Flash)

mojoPortal Quick Start Tutorial is about the basics of using mojoPortal. It covers creating pages, editing content, and setting the skin.

How To Manage The Site Hierarchy - about creating pages, moving them arround, managing parent child relationships between pages.

How To Publish Content on Multiple Pages

MyPage Demo shows how the MyPage Personalization feature works in mojoPortal.

More training videos can be found here:

Site Administration - Training Videos

Developer - Training Videos

Check back periodically as we are planning more training videos.