Customizing the Vertigo Silverlight Slideshow

As of mojoPortal content management system version, we have made it possible for you to completely customize the Vertigo Silverlight Slideshow used in our Image Gallery and Flickr Gallery features. By default, the configuration is managed by one of 3 included themes, but by using a custom configuration file, you can bypass these themes completely and control any or all of the several hundred configuration options available. However this means you also must control everything you want to control because nothing is done for you since you have bypassed the theme.

To learn about the various settings you should download the silverlight slide show from codeplex, and review the pdf file "Slide Show 2 Configuration Guide.pdf". This is a complete reference of the hundreds of configuration options. Your custom configuration file needs to be put into the /ClientBin folder, and then you can specify the file name using this config setting in Web.config or ideally user.config:

<add key="VertigoSlideShowOverrideXmlConfigFile" value="" />

We have an example file there named VertigoConfiguration.xml that you can use for testing or as a starting point for your own customization, I recommend renaming it first so it is not overwritten on the next upgrade.

Note that once you specify a custom config file it will be used for all instances of the Silverlight Slideshow in all features of all sites hosted in the installation, whereas when using the built in themes, you can choose different themes for different instances.

Last Updated 2010-04-29