Advanced Colorbox Settings

Advanced Colorbox Settings

Just like mojoPortal CMS itself, the Colorbox library is styled with CSS. If you would like a different overall look for the modal effect, mojoPortal CMS has delivered three distinct sets of CSS you can take advantage of. The Colorbox CSS file is loaded in your skin's style.config like this:

<file cssvpath="/ClientScript/colorbox/cb_mojo_dark1.css" imagebasevpath="/ClientScript/colorbox/">none</file>

Different effects can be enabled by changing cb_mojo_dark1.css to either cb_mojo_light1.css, or cb_mojo_light2.css.


Image Gallery - Lightbox mode light1


Image Gallery - Lightbox mode light2

NOTE: cb_mojo_light2.css has some hard coded paths in the Internet Explorer workarounds section. If your site is running at the root of the web tree, the settings should work fine (for example: src=/ClientScript/colorbox/cb_mojo_light2_images/internet_explorer/borderTopLeft.png). If your site is running at a level below the root, you will need to change the paths in this IE override section like this:



Created by Jamie Eubanks 2011-02-23