Choosing the correct license for your needs.

Do you (or your customer) manage your own Web Server where the mojoPortal software is installed and running?

Note that managing your own server means you have direct access to login to the machine and access to Internet Information Services Management Console. Access to a web control panel at shared hosting is not considered as managing your own server.

If the answer is no or if you are using shared hosting (most public hosting is "shared hosting" which means that lots of people have sites running on a given server) then you should purchase a Single Installation License for each installation where you want to install the product, not counting your development machine or testing environment.

If you do manage your own web server, do you have more than one server with instances of mojoPortal CMS installed?
If yes, on how many servers do you want to install the add on product?
If the answer is more than three then it would be more economical for you to purchase an Enterprise License.
If the answer is three or less you should purchase one Server License for each server where you want to install the add on product.

If you manage only one web server, do you have multiple installations of mojoPortal CMS running on the server?
Do you want to use the add on product in more than one of those installations?
If the answer is yes, a Server license would be most appropriate. If the answer is no then a Single Installation license is sufficient.

If you are hosting sites for other customers on your own servers, you still should purchase a separate Single Installation license for each installation if there is a possibility that your customer could request the files and move to different hosting. In this case you should not distribute the add on product files to your customer unless you have purchased a license on their behalf, so it is better to purchase a separate Single Installation license for each customer installation.