7th Skin of 10 Completed andreasviklund-02

I've completed the 7th skin of my 10 skin campaign, andreasviklund-02, which can be seen on demo.mojoportal.com. Of course since its a public demo site, someone may come along and change it, but you can change it back or checkout the different skins by (key icon) Administration Menu > Site Settings.

Actually I made 2 skins from this design and named the second one andreasviklund-02-alt1. The interesting thing about this skin is that it has 2 levels of tabbed menus and then a vertical menu for any pages deeper than that. In my alt1 version I took it a step further and used 3 levels of tabs and then a vertical menu to show anything deeper. This screen shot shows the alt version with 3 levels of tabs and a vertical menu for pages below that.

screen shot of andreasviklund-02-alt1 skin

This will be available in svn trunk later today for developers and will be in the next release of mojoPortal for everyone else.

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