Announcing the mojoPortal e-Commerce Solution Project

I'm very happy to announce the mojoPortal e-Commerce Solution Project,  a new sub project to implement an e-commerce functionality that integrates with mojoPortal.

I will be developing this feature myself as we have a target date for the intitial implementation by February 2007. This is the first project for which we have a sponsor who is partially funding the development effort. The project is not yet fully funded though so I am looking for additional sponsorship. If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor for this project please contact me. See our Sponsors page for more information.

I'd like to thank and welcome our first sponsor BrainBeacon, providers of high quality IT Certification study materials.


mojoPortal 2.1.6 Released

mojoPortal 2.1.6 is now available from the download page.

This release adds a new Site Statistics Module and some bug fixes.

This will be an easy upgrade if you are running mojoPortal 2.1.x with no custom modules of your own because there are no schema changes in the db. If using MS SQL or PostgreSQL you need to re-run the script that creates stored procedures.

If you have custom modules you have implemented yourself, you should test your code with the latest source code. There were some major namespace re-organizations that may have broken your custom code. See my previous blog post, and if you need help changing your code so it works with the new changes in mojoPortal, please post in the forums and I will try to help.

If you have custom skins, you may also need to tweak the css for the menu, see the included skins css files for changes I made there.

As always be sure and back up both your db and your site before attempting an upgrade. If you run into problems post in the forums and I will help.


Announcing mojoProject Project Management Solution

I'm very happy to announce a new sub project to implement a Project Management Solution based on the principles of the Project Management Institute (PMI), that integrates with mojoPortal.

Thiago Alves will be the Project Manager and Lead Developer for this project.

Read the details of the vision and scope for this project here: 

I will also be contributing development effort on this. I met Thiago on the Mono project mailing list and am very excited to be working with him.  I had been planning a project management feature for mojoPortal for a long time and when he mentioned that he was planning to implement a Project Management Solution that works with Mono I got very interested. So after talking about the goals for the project, I convinced him to collaborate and build on mojoPortal. This means he can get started right away on the features needed for project management and not have to spend development time on things like role based security, search infrastructure, skinning, and other infrastructure that every site needs.

We are also looking for corporate sponsors who might be interested in sponsoring some of the development for this project. I will be creating a new page on this site soon with information on sponsoring development of features for mojoPortal. The advantage to sponsoring development is that sponsored projects get more priority with development effort and sponsors get strong input on feature requirements to make sure the implemented feature meets their needs. Sponsoring open source development can be much more economical than developing features in house or hiring consultants to build custom applications. It could also be more economical if we can get multiple corporate sponsors to contribute, then the sponsorship cost to each can be reduced.

UPDATE: This project never made it past the planning stage.

Browser specific bug in Search

I just got a bug report about getting an error page on this site when trying to use the search feature. After looking into it, I cannot reproduce the problem using the latest Firefox browser, but with IE7 I get an error page 100% of the time.

I no longer have a machine running IE6 so I don't know if its just IE7 or not. If anyone out there has IE6 and can confirm if this error happens using it or not I would appreciate it. Anyone who finds this error does happen for them in Firefox please let me know, but so far it doesn't happen for me except in IE7.

Update: I also am not able to replicate this bug in IE7 using my local machine http://localhost/mojoportal/




Update Again: In IE7 the error happens I think partly because of the cross page postback from the SearchInput control to SearchResults.aspx. Even more odd, is if I go straight to the page and do a search with IE7 I get no error, but I also get no results.

Update Problem Solved:
It turns out that the cause of this was a little script I placed in my skin from Technorati that was supposed to just link to my technorati profile. Even though I saved my settings on technorati to not include their blog search button it was still doing it. Removing their script fixed the problem that was happening in IE when trying to do search on this site.

New Release Coming Soon

I just updated this site to the latest code for final testing before making a release, hopefully tomorrow or the next day.

You'll notice the new SiteStatisticsModule shown on the left side of the homepage. I borrowed the images for that from the DotNetNuke project, but the implementation is not based on theirs.

Any last minute testing that anyone can help with is much appreciated. The demo site is also running the latest code so you can easily help test there and let me know if you find any problems.