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mojoPortal Wins Best Other Open Source Content Management System

I'm very excited to announce that mojoPortal has won "Best Other Open Source Content Management System" in the 2007 Open Source CMS Awards sponsored by PACKT Publishing. (Other means built on something other than PHP, mojoPortal is built on C# ASP.NET)

mojoPortal Wins Best Non-PHP Open Source CMS

Huge thanks to our community and the judges and the good folks at Packt Publishing for honoring us with this award!

We appreciate the recognition and the additional attention the project has received by participating in this contest and are very pleased to have won our category.

Now we can introduce mojoPortal as "The Award Winning Content Management System, mojoPortal" ;-) I'm sure I'll be very obnoxious saying this at every opportunity!

America Recycles Day Site Goes Live with mojoPortal

The National Recycling Coalition has just gone live with a new sub site for America Recycles Day, which is coming up on November 15.

I was fortunate enough to work on the project with the good folks at DDB Seattle. They did all the design work and my job was achieving their design in mojoPortal and building a couple of custom features like the Take The Pledge and Pass on The Pledge pages. Its nice to be involved in such a good cause. Recycling is something where each of us can make a difference with just a little effort and America Recycles Day is a good time to take a moment and commit to stepping up our efforts to recycle on an individual basis.

mojoPortal is a Finalist in the 2007 Open Source CMS Awards - we need your vote!

Thanks to the nominations from the mojoPortal community, we are a finalist in the 2007 Open Source CMS Awards in the category "Best Other Open Source CMS"!  (other means non-PHP)

See the full list of finalists here:

Its very exciting to be among the finalists and its all thanks to your nominations!

Now we need your vote again since the first round of voting was just nominations, so please go and vote for mojoPortal, it would be wonderful to actually win in this category!

Voting ends October 26, 2007

Achieving the Single Sign On Dream with Open ID and Windows Live ID

I've just updated this site with the very latest code and have enabled authentication with Open ID and also with Windows Live ID. It is now possible to register or sign in to this site using either of these services.

Tip: If you are already a registered user of the site and you want to associate your Open ID with your existing site account you can do so on the My Profile page after you login with your current credentials.

For those interested, a good place to get a free Open ID account is at

I really think single sign on is a huge thing the web has needed for a long time. I hope it catches on so I can use the same password at most sites. Now mojoPortal makes it easy to setup sites that support these single sign on services.

The code has already landed in svn in my sandbox and I will be merging it to trunk in the next few hours. Any testing would be appreciated. I would like to make a new release with these features very soon.


Please Nominate mojoPortal

Hey friends and supporters of mojoPortal, there's only one week left so if you haven't already please take a moment to nominate mojoPortal for the 2007 Open Source CMS Award by PackT Publishing.

It will take a lot of nominations even to get accepted into the contest so every vote counts. We are competing against projects with much larger user bases and much larger communities so mojoPortal is kind of an underdog. If we don't get enough nominations we won't even be in the contest.

There are 3 categories in which to nominate mojoPortal:

Overall Winner, Open Source CMS Award

Most Promising Open Source Content Management System

Best Other (non PHP) Open Source Content Management System

Please nominate mojoPortal in all 3 of these. Nominations are allowed through August 31, 2007