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Stylesheet and image bug

Some of you may notice a strange behaviour with the style on this site today. Refreshing the page seems to toggle the style on and off. This site is currently running the latest dev code and Dean fixed this bug last night. I will put the new fixed code in place for this site tonight when I get home from work.

Update 8/26/2005 5:44 PM CST

I just deployed the latest code from svn to this server and the style bug is fixed. Big Thanks Dean!

We are getting very close to the next release, possibly as soon as this Sunday evening but no later than next Sunday

Design A Skin Contest

As you may have noticed, the mojoPortal bundled skins are rather plain. This is because I am a developer not a designer.  When I say design, I'm talking about color scheme, graphics, fonts, layout, etc.  I do know usability but I'm just not that creative visually. Creating a skin in mojoPortal is very easy but you need a good design before you can make a skin.

So I had an idea that maybe I could have a contest and some of you good designers out there might be willing contribute some help for me.  The contest is to design a new skin to be used on Anyone who sends a skin will be given credit on a new page I will create to show the skins. I will make it so that there is a link that will open the site in a new window using your skin. Anyone who sends a skin that I think is particularly cool I'll buy you a pint of Guiness or send you $5 whichever you prefer. I will include all the skins in the mojoPortal download listing you in the credits and source files for the skin.

I know thats not much of a bounty but maybe some of you creative types will take up the challenge.  What do you think? Anyone interested? Any other ideas for a good bounty?