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mojoPortal 2.6

mojoPortal 2.6

Today, we're pleased to announce the release of mojoPortal 2.6. We had planned on releasing this version much sooner but we kept adding features! In the future, we're planning on releasing about once per month. Larger features will take more time but our community shouldn't wait for smaller enhancements.

With this release, we're introducing SuperFlexi and the Blog Post List modules. We also have a lot of enhancements and new features for existing modules. Finally, we've made some improvements to Framework and we're releasing a new free skin called "Scout", which can be downloaded from the mojoSkins project.

Where to Get It?

Head over to our GitHub Releases Page.


The SuperFlexi module is intended to serve as an easy templating system that works as a go-between for front-end developers and users. Developers can easily create "Solutions" that determine, to a large extent, the module's uses; controlling both what kind of input users can store in the database and what markup is created on the page. Users can then simply select a "Solution" in the module settings, and create their content with straightforward easily-understood forms, which will then be rendered as determined by the developers defined markup.

SuperFlexi aims to give end users much easier control over their content, even when that content might normally be quite complicated (as in the case of sliders, tables, structured or gridded HTML, and many other things). Possible uses for SuperFlexi are virtually limitless and we're really excited to be adding it as a core module in mojoPortal 2.6.

With mojoPortal 2.6, we're including 8 solutions; Accordion, Banner Slider, Icon Blocks, Image Blocks, Personnel List, Quick Links, Social Media Links, and Tabs. Each of these is demonstrated on the mojoPortal Demo Site. Please note, SuperFlexi does not currently support SQLite and PGSQL. We should have support for those database platforms in a couple of weeks.

To learn more about SuperFlexi, check out the documentation. We've also created a new Forum, just for SuperFlexi.

Blog Post List Module

So, for a very long time, the official guidance for showing a list of blog posts on pages other than the page your blog is on was to use the Feed Manager to consume your blog's RSS Feed. This meant that the Feed Manager had to make an http(s) connection back to your site, consume the feed, cache the feed contents in the database, and then query the database for the cached contents. Granted, the connection and subsequent caching only happened on a set interval but it was very unnecessary. We decided to cut out the middle-man (Feed Manager) and create a module which connects directly to a chosen Blog module and displays the posts. We went a step further by creating a Razor View Engine for this new module. Yes, you read that right, Razor. You can create Razor views to control the display of this new module.

To learn more about the Blog Post List module, head over to the documentation.

Blog Updates

We spent some time on the Blog and besides the wonderful new Razor-enabled Blog Post List, we have added Post Featured Image, Blog Featured Post, and automatic Meta Content creation for Facebook, Twitter, and

Post Featured Image

You can now easily add a featured image to each of your blog posts. This image will be used in the meta elements added to the page for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. The image is also treated a bit special by the Blog in that it is shown at the top of posts. More on the Post Featured Image.

Featured Post

This feature allows you to set a single post in your blog as "Featured". That post will always be at the top of the post list, even when using the Blog Post List module. More on the Blog Featured Post.

Automatic Meta Content Creation

Sharing posts on social media is a lot easier now because the special meta content markup that is necessary for sites like Twitter and Facebook to show correct titles and post images is now automatically added when you create a post. You can even edit the meta content that is created by editing the post and clicking the "Page Meta Data" tab (we're gonna change that to "Post Meta Data" in the next release).

Other Blog Updates

  • Added Display Settings for the Blog module to allow for easier skinning via CSS classes
  • Updated to actually move the blog navigation in markup instead of changing places with CSS * floats for easier styling
  • Cleaned up a lot of the default markup
  • Panels with no child elements will no longer be rendered
  • Added option to include comment body in comment notifications
  • Added SkinID="Blog" to CommentsWidget
  • Removed "Feed Links". These were links to old MSN, Yahoo and other defunct feed managers.
  • Added option to allow Post Title to be used as Page Heading when the PageHeading (or PageTitle) control is used in the layout.master for the skin

ASP.NET 4.6.2

mojoPortal now requires ASP.NET 4.6.2, which was released in August of 2016. Most hosting providers already support 4.6.2 so you should be fine upgrading your site. If your host doesn't support it and you purchase a hosting plan with i7MEDIA, we'll move your site for free.

TLS 1.2

mojoPortal will now enforce using TLS 1.2 for outgoing connections. This is important for connections to payment processors like Authorize.Net, WorldPay and PayPal.

Site Settings

The Site Settings page has a lot of options for configuring your site. We're actually working on moving more stuff from the web.config to the UI so it'll be easier to configure your site. Knowing that we are going to be adding even more to Site Settings, we implemented a few changes and reorganized some things to make using the Site Settings page easier. In the future, we plan on breaking this single page up into several smaller and more task oriented pages. In this release, you'll notice the following:

  • "Site Title" field moved to the General tab
  • "New Site" link removed (to add another site, go to Administration > Site List)
  • Skin options grouped on the General tab
  • Content Editor options grouped on the General tab
  • Registration options grouped on the Security > Main tab
  • User Account options grouped on the Security > Main tab
  • "Avatar System" option moved to User Account group under Security > Main tab
  • Password options grouped on the Security > Main tab
  • Security > OpenID tab renamed to "3rd Party Auth"
  • OpenID options grouped on the 3rd Party Auth tab
  • Windows Live options grouped on the 3rd Party Auth tab
  • "Host Name Mapping" and "Folder Name Mapping" moved to a single tab called "Site Mappings".
  • "SMTP Settings" tab renamed to "Mail Settings"
  • "Mail Settings" tab is always visible with information on how to enable the fields there. New sites will, by default, use this area for SMTP settings. You can enable this on your site by following the instructions here.
  • "Default Email From Address" and "Default Email From Alias" moved to "Mail Settings" tab
  • Reordered Recaptcha Site/Secret keys to match order on Recaptcha site
  • Added several contextual notes throughout the Site Settings page

Change Log

This change log isn't exhaustive because a lot of changes are already listed above. If we didn't list it above, it should be listed below.


  • Updated mojoPortal to ASP.NET 4.6.2 and C# 7
  • Updated mojoPortal source code to use latest NuGet package management
  • Added RazorBridge method to allow use of MVC Razor Templating in Web Forms controls
  • Added MVC HTML Helper for internal Avatar and Gravatar use in Razor templates
  • Added Link control for inside/outside markup of the link
  • Added AutoEscapeStringForCsv method for exporting data in CSV format
  • Updated Gravatar in Forums to link to mojo user profile by default
  • Fixed File Manager/Page Picker for folder sites and sites running in a virtual directory
  • Moved First Name and Last Name fields to the General tab in the User Profile.
  • Added option to include comment body in notifications
  • Added ExportDynamicListToCSV method to ExportHelper
  • Added ImportHelper with GetDynamicListFromCSV method
  • Removed calls to jQueryFileTree and removed from ClientScripts
  • Removed calls to jQueryLayout
  • Removed call to greybox from Contact Form
  • Fixed possible XSS bug in help dialog, reported by Jarrod Farncomb of TSS (CVE-2017-1000457).
  • Removed WebStore from core (will be available as a separate download from the AddOn store)
  • Cleaned up user.config.sample file
  • Standardized on "Login" instead of "Sign In" (both were used before now)
  • Added Security Protocol information to "Security Advisor" (Administration > Security Advisor)
  • Added CombinePath method to DiskFileSystem file system provider.
  • Added FolderVirtualPath property to WebFile
  • Added NameProperty and ContentProperty to ContentMeta. This allows for creation of meta elements with custom names <meta property="foo" value="bar" /> instead of only allowing for <meta name="foo" content="bar" />


  • Added FormGroupPanel control for settingrows to control their classes
  • Updated Site Settings page to use new FormGroupPanel control
  • Updated the Layout.Master.cs to expose SiteSettings (siteSettings), PageSettings (currentPage), isCmsPage and isMobileDevice to the Layout.Master for richer skinning functionality (Check out the layout.master in the Nature theme)
  • Updated CSSHander to allow for "https://" and non-http-specified ("//") url calls
  • Updated Avatar.cs with new ExtraCssClass property
  • Cleaned up markup of CommentsWidget
  • Added themeable properties to CommentsWidget to help with skinning
  • Added themeable display settings for Contact Form
  • Cleaned up markup of the RelatedNewsletterSetting control
  • Cleaned up markup of HTMLCompare feature (used by version history)
  • Fixed Inline Editing in HTML Module for selecting files/images
  • Fixed CSSHandler for HTTPS URL calls
  • Fixed missing CKEditor Image2 Alignment Classes
  • Added InsideTopMarkup to replace LiteralExtraTopContent in BasePanel
  • Added InsideBottomMarkup to replace LiteralExtraBottomContent in BasePanel
  • Removed the .LESS CSS Utility from the Administration area. We recommend using a tool like Prepros for LESS management.

mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on our download page.

I know it might seem unusual to make a new release on a Sunday on a holiday weekend, but it just worked out that the new release was ready today and since it has some updates that community members have been waiting for I thought I should make it available as soon as possible.

What's New?

  • Added a new prompt in edit screens to prevent accidently leaving the page if there are unsaved changes in the editor. I know I have experienced occasions myself where I was working on a long blog post or article, and by some strange combination of keystrokes it canceled out of the editor and jumped back a page and lost my work. The new prompt will prevent that.
  • Made it possible to browse and preview skins from page settings and/or user profile when per page skins or per user skins are enabled.
  • Users in roles that can manage skins can also have access to user specific skins even if it is not enabled for users in general. This makes it possible to work on skin changes or new skins more easily before assigning the skin to the site in general.
  • Added support for the new google analytics feature that allows Tracking Page Load time, this is now enabled by default. Once you start capturing this data it is available in a new Site Speed report in the new version of Google Analytics.
  • Our homemade tweet this link stopped working recently after some changes at twitter, so we updated to the official widget. This works much nicer now because twitter now has their own URL shortening service to automatically shorten URLs when using their widget.
  • Upgrade to CKEditor 3.6
  • Added unit sales to some commerce reports.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes for things reported in the forums since the last release.
  • Updated translations thanks to our awesome translation team!

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Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.

mojoPortal Sightings for May 2011

Imagine Cup 2011 Multimedu - PEARLS Team

Please join me in congratulating these guys on winning 3rd place in the 2011 Imagine Cup in Greece with an application they built on top of mojoPortal.
Note that the audio portion of the video is in Greek, but if you enable closed captioning it has English captions.

A description of the project from Panos Kakoulidis:

Multimedu is the first complete system that allows students with special needs to have access to the multiple capabilties of the Internet, intergrating them to the academic and the wider community.

System consists of 4 interconnected subsystems that support the significant processes of learning and participation:


Dictionary is a multilingual catalog of terms which is updated by the active contribution of the users. On each term, multiple descriptions are offered in the form of text, picture and video in sign language. Moreover, there is text-to-speech support.

Multimedia Library is a hosting space for every kind of archives with educational content (video-recorded lectures, notes, presentations etc) which are accessible not only to the students with special needs but to everyone.

Parallel Presentations is an online system which offers the ability to attend on lessons, labs and seminars to all users, including people with sight or hearing problems by supporting them with videos in sign language, text-to-speech, access to Dictionary etc. Furthermore, it supports distance learning with active participation and lesson recording.

Last but not least, Social Networking support promotes mass participation and communication. This is achieved with user's profile and contacts, user groups, multimedia private messages and forum. 

Based on viewing the video, I would describe the system as a learning management system that supports users with special needs by making it possible to have multiple ways of presenting the same material and a social networking aspect that enables crowd sourcing the creation of material in various formats to support the needs of the users.

It is always rewarding to see the things that people build on top of mojoPortal. By not building from scratch they saved a lot of development time and were able to focus much sooner on the functionality they wanted to build. They have plans to bring the system online in the future, so we will post about them again once it is possible to see the site, but for now you can get a pretty good idea of what they have built from the video.

California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

We've featured this site before, so I'm leaving out the image, but I thought it was worth mentioning again because they let me know about an award they won and an even bigger award that they are in the running for. Quoting Linda Sabella, Information System Analyst with POST:

I just thought you might like an update on our submission of our Mojoportal site for a “Best of California” award.  We did win an award.  We won for custom software that our programmers built on top of Mojoportal that allows peace officers to access records and course catalogs. Awardees listed here

After the awards closed, the State of California CIO, impressed by our use of Mojoportal,   recommended our site for a national award.  This submission is specifically for our use of a  content management system.  We have submitted the paperwork and will let you know if we are successful in winning an award. Website

mojoportal has been a great asset to us.  Thank you for all of your efforts.

The Space Needle 50th Anniversary site

Space Needle

For those who don't know, the Space Needle, is a monument in Seattle Washington that opened just in time for the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair and has become "Seattle's favorite icon".

A few sites were submitted by Bibiana Garcia Zapata of Colombia

I'm the leader of a community in Internet named Avanet, we found mojoPortal and now We are so happy. We help others to mount their sites with mojo in our hosting with the multiple sites feature, :) It allows us to help and promote our slogan "digital altruism", our additional projects are

Our site is
and these are the projects that we help

Avanet site

Thanks to all the community members who keep us informed of the sites they are building with mojoPortal! If you've done something interesting with mojoPortal we'd love to hear from you, and maybe we will feature your site in a blog post.


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Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.

Form Wizard Pro 2.6 Released

I'm happy to announce the release of Form Wizard Pro 2.6, available now in the mojoPortal Store.

form wizard pro

This is a significant upgrade with major new features. For existing customers who have already purchased Form Wizard Pro, it is a free upgrade. You can always get the latest version of purchased products by signing in to the site using the account that you used to purchase, then click the "My Account" link at the top of the page and then click "Order History", from there you can download the latest version of any add on products you have purchased.

Form Wizard Pro is the most popular add on product for mojoPortal CMS (requires mojoPortal or higher) and a great addition to any site. With Form Wizard Pro you can easily create custom forms and surveys on your site and this release adds a number of the most requested new features including:

  • Support for File Uploads, you can configure it to allow up to 4 files to be uploaded as part of the form submission. You can even have the files included as attachments in the notification email.
  • A new plugin system that allows developers to implement custom Form Submission Handlers to do additional custom processing on the submitted data.
  • Support for per question custom CSS classes to make it even easier to style your forms.
  • A new setting that allows you to leave the details out of the notification email in case sensitive data is being submitted that you would rather not include in email.
  • A new setting that allows leaving out unanswered questions when including the form details in the notification. This can be helpful in saving paper if you are printing the email notifications and have long forms with lots of optional questions.

You can also try Form Wizard Pro on our demo site to see how easy it really is. If you are getting a lot of value out of the free mojoPortal features why not purchase Form Wizard Pro for your site, it will make your site even better and the sales revenue supports the ongoing development of mojoPortal.

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Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.